The Cash For Appliances Program

In a new cash for appliances program, will money be offered toward the purchase of a new refrigerator? Indeed, the government will give offer money towards new, energy efficient refrigerators, dish washers, dryers, and various other household appliances. The program is set to start in late fall, and dollar amounts range from $50-$250. With the cash for appliances program, you really can get a rebate on a new appliance. home appliances mahadevapura

Courtesy of Obama and his administration, the cash for appliances program is designated to both increase the economy and give an Americans a push in the right direction toward creating a greener environment. This is one of the many programs associated with the Economic Stimulus plan, and whopping 300 million dollars has been set aside for the implantation of this plan.

The specifics of the program have not been finalized, and details will vary per state. However, states have been given an October 15th deadline to apply to the program. Unlike the famous Cash for Clunkers, this plan requires no trade-in. However, the cash rebates will be applicable toward a whole host of household appliances.

While the Department of Energy does hope that the field of home appliances benefits from this program, its main concern is to encouraging energy conservation. Hopefully many Americans will replace aged, inefficient appliances with new, eco-friendly, Energy Star appliances, and this in turn, will just be another program to jump start our economy.

55% of all appliances met the Energy Star qualifications last year, and the cash for appliances program will not replace other energy-efficient incentives already in place by various states. There’s no assurance that people won’t fix older machines instead of buying new ones, though.


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